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Root Canal Therapy

Helping You Preserve Your Smile Through Conservative Dentistry

A dental infection can pose a serious threat to your oral and overall health. Treatments such as root canal therapy are essential for helping to preserve your natural teeth while restoring their health and function. 

At Dominguez Hills Dental Group, we believe in working to save your smile through less invasive measures first. Dr. Duncan provides skilled endodontic treatment with root canal therapy designed to protect teeth from further damage and infection and alleviate discomfort.  

If you are experiencing dental pain caused by an injury, decay, and other damage, contact our office to schedule your appointment. We’re committed to helping patients regain the comfort and function of a healthy smile.

When Root Canal Therapy is Necessary

Teeth are made up of three different levels – the outer protective enamel, the dentin, and the innermost chamber known as the pulp, which contains essential nerves and blood vessels. When a dental crack or other damage allows an infection to reach the inner tooth, its overall health and integrity are jeopardized.

If the tooth goes untreated, the infection inside the pulp can spread, possibly leading tooth loss.

Our dentist performs root canal therapy to effectively disinfect the tooth. By removing all the infected tissues, we can help save your tooth and eliminate discomfort. We then seal the root canal chamber with body-safe material while a personalized crown protects your tooth’s outer structure.

What You to Expect from Your Endodontic Procedure

Your ideal oral health and comfort is our top priority. We first conduct a thorough examination to determine if your affected tooth can be saved. This allows our doctor to decide which treatment is best for your smile.

After accessing the inner chamber, Dr. Duncan carefully removes the infection, and the sealing process completes your root canal therapy treatment. Once complete, the result of your endodontic procedure is a healthy, restored tooth that can often last decades.

Protect Your Smile and Preserve Your Oral Health!

If you need a stronger restoration, please look at our Root Canal Retreatment service. 

For more information on how root canal therapy may be the best course of action for your smile, contact our team today to schedule your appointment! 


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